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Game 121 Podcast

There is an official podcast for Game 121 run by 3 of the managers that is very much reccomended. It can be found here: here


Game 121

The most recent game is Game 121, and that it is a hard format game (HFG). HFGs are different from normal games in the following ways: Starting Budget - each clubs starting budget will set according to their squad value, to make it an even playing field for all teams. So the bigger clubs started in very heavy debt. Smaller teams also had UE points to help bridge the gap. Multi Team Management - there is a limit of one team per league, and no manager can control more than 3 teams. Game 121 is a very busy game but there are some teams available.


More details on Game 121 can be found here: here

If you are interested in a team in 121, please fill in a joining form: here








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